Divorce Rebuilding Program

The 10 Week Class Involves Exploring the 19 Building Blocks Essential to Healing from Your Relationship Loss

The Rebuilding Seminar is a comprehensive 10 week psycho-educational group that educates and empowers you to heal and move on with your life. During the grieving process after divorce, the intensity of loss can be immobilizing. The Rebuilding Seminar, based on proven healing techniques developed by divorce recovery specialist Dr. Bruce Fischer, helps with the process of grieving and rebuilding your life. His Rebuilding books and groups have helped more than half a million people worldwide.

The sessions are led by Alisha Freeman, a licensed psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in Counseling. Through Alisha’s professional guidance, utilizing the Rebuilding program, and the dynamic interaction of like-minded participants, effective tools for positive change are learned and healing takes place.

The 19 building blocks are:

Denial, Fear, Adaptation, Loneliness, Friendship, Guilt/Rejection, Grief, Anger, Letting Go, Self-Worth, Transition, Openness, Love, Trust, Relatedness, Sexuality, Singleness, Purpose. And Freedom

 Recovering and Rebuilding After Divorce

Session 1
Overview: The Rebuilding Blocks

In a confidential and safe group atmosphere, you’ll learn the overall perspective of this step-by-step healing and growth process. You’ll be introduced to the 19 building blocks involved in the 10 week program that are essential to healing and setting you on the right path. The focus of this session will be on how your crisis can be transformed into a renewal of your life and an opportunity for growth.

Session 2

We learn about behaviors adapted during childhood to meet needs at that time in life. These behaviors are continued as adults, even when they are no longer needed, thus creating dysfunctional behavior. In this class we look at what behaviors are working in your life and what behavior aren’t? Sometimes we are so close to our situations, and ourselves, that we are unable to view our actions objectively. It’s time to reevaluate our current coping mechanisms and adaptive behavior to ensure we are dealing with life as effectively as possible. It may be time to drop the excess baggage and re-route your personal direction. In the process, you’ll also discover strengths that you may not have known you had.

Session 3

In this session the stages of grief are examined. Once you understand the principles of grieving you are able to acknowledge and work through your grief more effectively. The Rebuilding Seminar provides information about and an environment to explore the symptoms of grief giving you a deeper understanding of the grief process. You’ll find out how to deal with your grief and the importance of self-care in this session.

Session 4

Whether you are the “dumpee” or the “dumper”, or are experiencing rejection or guilt, it’s normal to feel an intense sense of anger at the end of a love relationship. Anger is a natural and healthy emotion and can be quite positive if expressed appropriately and constructively. Understanding your anger helps identify underlying feelings and resolve issues.

Session 5

At this halfway point in the seminar series, you’ll be able to look at yourself and life more positively. Even though the topic of divorce is heavy and requires in depth introspection, the group has positive bonding times of shared laughter and group sharing. Group participants have often become friends by now, and the friendship helps with the recovery process. Learning to let go of or alter harsh self-judgments and replace these thoughts with positive self-talk becomes a gift to yourself that will make a big impact on your life.

Session 6

Early negative childhood experiences are influential in your relationships, even if you have worked on understanding them, it is important to identify the role they play in your life. In this session you will explore your childhood influences, rebellion stages, power struggles, trust, and family roles in order to understand and enhance your current attitudes and feelings. The session also teaches you how to recognize the aspects of your past that affected your relationship and how to create healthier future relationships.

Session 7

We all wear masks, or a ‘false face’, that projects different feelings than those we are actually feeling. Even if it is appropriate in certain situations, it leads to distancing you from loved ones. The distance prevents you from experiencing authentic relationships. Exercises in this session help you to understand when and how to remove your mask for deeper connections and openness with others.

Session 8
Love & Relatedness

In order to love others, a healthy self-love is necessary. Learning to genuinely love yourself creates an emotionally healthy foundation to love others from. This session assists you in identifying the loving characteristics you are looking for in a love partner and the importance of finding those characteristics inside of yourself first. The types of relationships, and rules and expectations of future relationships are discussed.

Session 9

The thought of being in a sexual relationship with a new partner can be scary. It’s normal to be both excited and fearful. The different sexual feelings you are experiencing and how to communicate about your feelings with a partner are discussed in this session.  The current changing attitudes of men and women about sex are explored, giving you a chance for further explorations of your own  thoughts and the opposite gender’s thoughts on sex.

Session 10
Purpose & Freedom

What began as one of the toughest journeys of your life may now begin feeling like a second chance at life. As you have been on the road to recovery you may be feeling the cloud lift and are experiencing excitement and hope for your future. With a new set of tools and techniques to handle life’s up and downs, and a new perspective of your divorce, you can live with intention and create a meaningful life.

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